Dolibarr 13 beta: iniziato il periodo “freeze”

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Ecco la Beta di Dolibarr ERP&CRM versione 13.0.

Tutti gli sviluppatori e utilizzatori sono invitati ad eseguire test sulla versione 13.0 Beta raggiungibile dal branch di sviluppo di Github,

È iniziato in questi giorni il periodo denominato “Freeze” durante il quale si provvederà esclusivamente a rendere il sistema ancora più stabile ed a fixare eventuali bug emersi con l’utilizzo quotidiano.
Nel periodo “Freeze” non verranno aggiunte nuove features al software.

Questo periodo risulta molto importante per la stabilità del software, per cui tutti gli sviluppatori sono invitati a fixare eventuali bug o malfunzionamenti prima del rilascio definito della versione 13.

Di seguito changelog completo versione 13 fino ad ora:

***** ChangeLog for 13.0 compared to 12.0 *****
For users:
NEW: Add module "Credit transfer SEPA" to manage payment of vendors using bank credit transfer SEPA files.
NEW: Module Reception (for a more accurate management of your receptions) moved from experimental to stable.
NEW: Several security issues after a private bug bounty campaign. 
NEW: #15065 Fix formatting
NEW: #15065 Put the product label in bold in the PDF templates if configured
NEW: Accountancy - Add chart of sub accounts
NEW: Accountancy - Add options to disable binding on sales, purchases & expense reports independently of the modules
NEW: Accountancy balance - Add a input to show subtotal by group
NEW: Accountancy - Move to real ledger, real journals, menu disposition
NEW: Accountancy - On transfers, select the periodicity by default
NEW: Add 2 rules for emailcollector: Message send/not sent from Dolibarr
NEW: Add a counter of number of words of pages in website module
NEW: add alert before change thirdparty in takepos
NEW: Add a page to list Stock at a given date.
NEW: Add a start date to begin binding in accountancy
NEW: Add a stat page to list popularity of products on invoices
NEW: Add calendar selection for agenda view
NEW: add class for ticket edition (pdf or odt)
NEW: Add column payment term into list of supplier invoices.
NEW: Add column quantity in product margin page
NEW: Add column vat rate in page to define accounting account on product/service
NEW: Add common list function for available app/module page
NEW: add costprice in fields of products list
NEW: Added incoterms to substitution array
NEW: Add employee in expense report binding page
NEW: Add export for various payment
NEW: add extra fields labels and values in mail on create ticket
NEW: Add extrafields support on ECM module
NEW: Add filter rules "is answer" and "is not answer" in email collector
NEW: Add focus when editing on product/stock/product.php Close #14548
NEW: add formConfirm hook on product page
NEW: add free text on each terminal of cash desk
NEW: Add function dolButtonToOpenUrlInDialogPopup() to be able to open
NEW: Add global search for customer payments and vendor payments
NEW: Add global search for miscellaneous payments
NEW: Add helper function for table headers with numbers
NEW: add hooks on stats pages
NEW: Add link to edit property from search result of website pages
NEW: Add link to reset qty on supplier dispatch page
NEW: add MAIN_EMAILCOLLECTOR_MAIL_WITHOUT_HEADER const to remove header in email collector
NEW: Add Manufacturing Orders into the automatic ECM
NEW: add margin info in invoice list
NEW: Add mass action to set category on a list of website pages.
NEW: Add mass deletion for events
NEW: Add __MEMBER_TYPE__ substitution key
NEW: Add message in error_log after detection of SQL or script injection
NEW: Add module Credit transfer SEPA to manage payment of supplier using
NEW: Add more filters on monthly statement list
NEW: Add option to define a default warehouse at user level
NEW: Add option to include products without alert in replenish
NEW: add order by lastname and firstname by default in get sales representatives
NEW: Add param to not show links when output tags
NEW: Add PDF document templates for warehouses (list of stock)
NEW: Add property cssview when declaring fields of an object
NEW: Add prospect status managment for the contact with managment of custom icon
NEW: Add public note on products. This also partially fix the #14342
NEW: Add quick dropdown menu in top right menu (MAIN_USE_TOP_MENU_QUICKADD_DROPDOWN)
NEW: add region in export companies and contacts
NEW: add rights on margin info on invoice list
NEW: Add search param for close date on order list
NEW: add send context for ticket
NEW: Add show preview for mail attachement on form mail
NEW: add state origin for product
NEW: add State/Province origin for products
NEW: Add the workflow interaction close intervention on closing ticket
NEW: Add third order printer to TakePOS
NEW: add tracking number in list and search_all items
NEW: add two hooks printFieldListFrom and printFieldSearchParam
NEW: Add __TYPE__ substitution key
NEW: Add validation of MX domain for emails
NEW: add vcard for aderent and user
NEW: add week number for month view in agenda
NEW: Algeria data (tva and forme_juridique)
NEW: Allow click on all header numbers on commerce area
NEW: Allow to reopen interventions (green button)
NEW: Allow zero quality on supplier/vendor order line
NEW: Appearance tab in TakePOS with more visual parameters
NEW: Better currency rate editor
NEW: Calculate the virtual stock in transverse mode ( not on getEntity('commande'), ... but on getEntity('stock') )
NEW: Can add event to log into blockedlog module with a constant.
NEW: Can build vendor invoice from vendor orders
NEW: Can change a product in line of recurring invoice or contract
NEW: Can change size of logo on PDF documents
NEW: Can change VAT rate of all lines of a draft object in one step.
NEW: Can define date range of validity of a login during creation
NEW: Can disable, from edit page, the whole web site
NEW: can edit and set sales representatives directly on thirdparty card
NEW: Can edit the list of sending email profiles.
NEW: Can enable/disable users in bulk actions
NEW: Can filter on accounting system ref in export of chart of account
NEW: Can filter on container type, language and tags in the list of pages
NEW: Can force the antivirus from conf file or autoprepend ini setup.
NEW: Can hide eatby, sellby dates with option PRODUCT_DISABLE_SELLBY and PRODUCT_DISABLE_EATBY
NEW: Can import proposals, sales orders, supplier invoices
NEW: can set a dedicated SMTP config for sending email from public ticket interface
NEW: Can set tags/categories to website pages.
NEW: Can set type of price without tax per default for new sale price creation
NEW: Can use desired stock of a given warehouse for replenishment
NEW: Can use THEME_DARKMODEENABLED=2 for a preview of theme in dark mode
NEW: change thirdparty with barcode scan in takepos
NEW: Common behavior for monthly leave list view
NEW: conf to allow show full arbo in warehouse getnomurl
NEW: convert all subscription in datetime
NEW: create thirdparty customer from TAKEPOS
NEW: Date shipment from order accepts hours
NEW: Declinaison price level compatibility
NEW: Delayed payment in TakePOS
NEW: Development of module Recruitment
NEW: display date range if exist in takepos
NEW: display resiliate status in takepos for member
NEW: display stat for BOM on "object referent"/linked Object product tab
NEW: edit and update a ticket
NEW: edit or delete dispatched lines
NEW: Email configuration - Allow auto signed certificat when smtp ssl activated
NEW: enable free emails input with select2
NEW: endpoint getContacts and Clean results
NEW: Events in agenda for contact
NEW: Field to link website page to an other object
NEW: Fill ECM src object fields in dol_add_file_process
NEW: filter on progress column in task list
NEW: filter product list by country and/or state/province
NEW: format tickets sent by mail in public interface
NEW: add juridical status for Algeria
NEW: form to add customer/supplier into categories
NEW: Framework is ready for CSRF token protection on explicit GET URLs.
NEW: get all child recursively
NEW: Get contacts list of a given order
NEW: helper functions for export with phpspreadsheet
NEW: hide closed contract lines
NEW: hide label in pdf for variants
NEW: Hook on propal card
NEW: If specific help page is available, we change color of icon
NEW: Include the tag editor of page as a popup into website editor
NEW: Introducing new modal boxes in TakePOS
NEW: Keep takepos terminal when login/logout
NEW: Link on balance to the ledger
NEW: manage errors on update extra fields in ticket card
NEW: mass-actions for the event list view
NEW: Module Intracomm report
NEW: More filter for "View change logs"
NEW: multicurrency total in takepos
NEW: multiselect type and date to date filter
NEW: Nature of product is now a dictionay
NEW: new line template: hidden conf to fill service dates from the last service line
NEW: PDF model storm for delivery
NEW: possibilty to group payments by mode and show their subtotal
NEW: Print payment method and change in TakePOS
NEW: Priority and transparency from external calendar events
NEW: Products Import/Export 'default warehouse' and 'use batch number' fields
NEW: Purchase price table: Added filterable table columns
NEW: rate editor for multicurrency
NEW: ref_ext field for Commande lines, order lines, Attributes and Combinations, Invoice lines, payments, order lines
NEW: remove new lines in mail on add ticket message
NEW: restrict thirdparty to customer in takepos
NEW: Allow to edit "demand reason" field though API
NEW: Rule "email to" accept wildcard *
NEW: Save filter of the project homepage
NEW: Select-able columns on customer invoice paymnet list
NEW: Select-able columns on miscellaneous payments + more data columns
NEW: Select-able columns on social taxes list
NEW: Select-able columns on supplier invoice payment list
NEW: send context and remove new lines on create ticket
NEW: set entity when creating invoice on takepos
NEW: Show available stock in TakePOS
NEW: Show category filter on lists only when user have rights to read categories
NEW: Show header number and make it clickable in warehouse arean, payment area, shipment area
NEW: Show image of user in the combo select of users
NEW: Show label on batch card
NEW: Show line number on intervention card (via MAIN_VIEW_LINE_NUMBER)
NEW: show links for select and multi-select in category extra field
NEW: Show module and permission ids on user/group rights (only admin)
NEW: Show place from events on import calender
NEW: Show references in contract form on interventions
NEW: Show tags and status in search list of website pages
NEW: Show user on external calender events (when found)
NEW: subject title with company name instead of application title in ticket message
NEW: Support for Samba4 AD
NEW: TakePOS connector compatibility with RECEIPT PRINTERS module
NEW: TakePOS Gift Receipt
NEW: TakePOS Multicurrency compatibility
NEW: The global header of a website can also have dynamic content
NEW: Third-Party Import new fields: mother company,outstanding debt limit,bank account,incoterms
NEW: Thirdparty module : box on customer/supplier tab for invoice outsantding amount late
NEW: ticket classification on create from email collector
NEW: Ticket message notifications when edited from public interface
NEW: translate classification labels in ticket
NEW: triggers create, modify, delete
NEW: VAT for Algeria
NEW: Use preselect third-party from list on new card
NEW: Vat report - Invert constant to show by default zero vat in reports
NEW: website page fields selection
NEW: Weighing Scale compatibility with TakePOS connector
NEW: When creating a user from a member linked to a thirdparty, you can choose to create if as external or internal user
NEW: Add clone functionality on miscellaneous payment

For developers:
NEW: Can use dynamic code into the 'enabled' property of DAO fields
NEW: API Can update a payment
NEW: api get member by thirdparty
NEW: API get thirdparty by barcode
NEW: API get users by email / login
NEW: fetch contact by email with REST API
NEW: field ref_ext in llx_commandedet
NEW: fields ref_ext for Attributes and Combinations
NEW: get state by REST API
NEW: get state dictionnary by REST API
NEW: Improve Product API for variant products
NEW: Oauth SCOPE for Admin SDK
NEW: Retrieve discount from invoice from API
NEW: standardizes API thirdparties by email like other object
NEW: thirdparty REST API: endpoint to set price level
NEW: Use new category API for project list view
NEW: Triggers Attributes and Attributes values


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* The object "livraison" has been renamed into "delivery" (directory, class, keys, methods with livraison in name ...).
* All properties ->contactid have been renamed into ->contact_id
* All properties ->titre have been renamed into ->title
* Property $paiementid in API 'api_supplier_invoices.php' has been renamed into into $payment_mode_id
* Property 'num_paiement' has been renamed 'num_payment' everywhere for better code consistency.
* The deprecated subsitution key __SIGNATURE__ has been removed. Use __USER_SIGNATURE__ if you used the old syntax in your email templates.
* The hidden option HOLIDAY_MORE_PUBLIC_HOLIDAYS has been removed. Use instead the dictionary table if you need to define custom days of holiday.
* If you build a class that implement CommonObject to use the incoterm properties or methods (->fk_incoterm, ->label_incoterm, ->location_incoterm),
  you must now also include declaration of the Trait 'CommonIncoterm' in your class. All incoterm functions were moved into this Trait.
* The GETPOST(..., 'alpha') has now the same behaviour than GETPOST(..., 'alphanohtml') so no html will be allowed. Use GETPOST(..., 'restricthtml') to accept HTML.
* If you have links in your code with '&action=add', '&action=update', '&action=delete' as a parameter, you must also add '&token='.newToken() as another parameter to avoid CSRF protection errors.
* The API addPayment for api_invoice has evolved to accept amount into a foreign currency. You must provide array(amount=>X,mutlicurrency_ammount=>Y) instead of simple amount.
* The method select_thirdparty(), deprecated since 3.8, into html.form.class.php has been removed.
* Depreciate all methods with name ->valide(). Use instead methods ->validate().

Dolibarr versione 12.0.1: nuova release 2020

Dolibarr 12.0.1 è disponibile al download al seguente link:

La versione 12.0.1 di Dolibarr è stata rilasciata il 6 luglio 2020 e aggiorna la nuova major Release 12.

Trovate il changelog completo su GitHub.

Dolibarr 11.0.3 official release

Dolibarr 11.0.3 è disponibile al download al seguente link:

La versione 11.0.3 di Dolibarr è stata rilasciata il 20 marzo 2020 ed è considerata una “Minor Release” che sistema alcuni piccoli bug relativi alla versione 11.0.0 del gestionale rilasciata ad inizio 2020. Consigliamo a tutti l’update all’ultima versione.

Ecco il changelog completo (in inglese):

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.3 compared to 11.0.2 *****
FIX: unit price for selected supplier products not set. NaN was used.
FIX: use bad var to check if total is positive for each VAT rate when validating an invoice
FIX: status missing from last customer invoices box when using MAIN_STATUS_USES_CSS
FIX: translations for "orders" not loaded in the homepage box
FIX: #13194
FIX: #13274 cannot add or update 0 value for an int or double extrafield
FIX: #13285 SQL error during migration with pgsql
FIX: #13294
FIX: #13313
FIX: Clone Fourn Command, add line's extrafields
FIX: cols parameter not propagated to tpl
FIX: CSRF error when creating an intervention
FIX: date order was -1D and desc with label repetition
FIX: empty of series in graph of product distribution
FIX: fk_type subscription list via api REST
FIX: link when using anchor on "/" in website module
FIX: menu export document was not visible when using "simple accounting"
FIX: missing class declaration
FIX: missing global $conf
FIX: Missing token in some forms (avoid unset POST errors)
FIX: params of setEventMessage($langs->trans('ErrorProductClone')...
FIX: Remove unexisting link
FIX: mass action on stock movements
FIX: substitute lines dates values on doc generator (ODT, ...)
FIX: Ticket - Load Cache Messages Ticket, wrong message's status
FIX: Ticket Public - Private messages are displayed
FIX: wrong include - replace extrafields_create.tpl.php to extrafields_add.tpl.php

Dolibarr 11.0.0 prima release ufficiale del 2020

Dolibarr 11.0.0 è disponibile al download al seguente link:

La versione 11.0.0 di Dolibarr è stata rilasciata il 30 gennaio 2020 ed è considerata una “Major Release”; introduce alcune novità importanti sia per gli utilizzatori del sistema che per gli sviluppatori.

Ecco il changelog completo (in inglese):


***** ChangeLog for 11.0.0 compared to 10.0.0 *****
For Users:

NEW: Module BOM is now stable.
NEW: Module MO (Manufacturing Order) is available with experimental status.
NEW: Can set the Address/Contact by default on third parties.
NEW: Add a dictionary to edit list of Social networks.
NEW: A nicer dashboard for open elements on Home page.
NEW: Add task widget and add task progress bar
NEW: Support of deployment of metapackages
NEW: Menu "Export accounting document" to generate a zip with all documents requested by a bookkeeper is now stable.
NEW: Add button "Save and Stay" in website editor of pages.
NEW: Accountancy - Can add specific widget in this accountancy area.
NEW: Accountancy - Add export model LDCompta V9 & higher
NEW: Accountancy - Add permission on export, delete operations in ledger
NEW: Can defined alternative profiles (email and signatures) for users.
NEW: add ability to edit price without tax before adding a line of a predefined product.
NEW: Add a tab to setup "Opening hours" of company (information only).
NEW: Add attendee to ical export + cleanup.
NEW: Add bank data of users into the expense report exports.
NEW: add clone customers prices in clone product or service.
NEW: Add column of module source and POS terminal in the invoice list.
NEW: Add column last modification date into the table of targets for emailing.
NEW: Add column VAT rate in product list
NEW: Add constant MAIN_DISABLE_GLOBAL_WORKBOARD to disable workboard in home page
NEW: add country code in import product model
NEW: Add 'Direct Cash Payment' button in TakePOS
NEW: Add odt support to supplier orders
NEW: Add feature to search a string into website containers
NEW: Add GET and POST /supplierinvoices/payments REST API endpoints.
NEW: Show progress bar for declared progression of tasks.
NEW: Add last change date in page "Other setup". Can sort page on name/date.
NEW: Add link to export targets of an emailings into a CSV file.
NEW: Add link to the public interface on the ticket card.
NEW: Add location into event tooltip. Use full day for fullday events
NEW: add MAIN_LANGUAGES_ALLOWED constant to limit languages displayed.
NEW: add mass actions in shipment list.
NEW: add minimum stock filter in load warehoues for product form.
NEW: add name_alias in fields used for quick search.
NEW: add new rule fetchidfromcodeandlabel for categories import.
NEW: add office phone for salespresentatives
NEW: add office phone & job on user tooltips
NEW: Add pagination on list of object of a category
NEW: add parent category id or label in import category module
NEW: add parent id or ref column in warehouse import
NEW: Add search into template
NEW: Add shipment widget
NEW: Add statistics on product into contracts
NEW: Add status of warehouse in the tooltip of a warehouse.
NEW: add supplier's product list
NEW: add units fields in buying price tab of product card
NEW: Add units in select products lines
NEW: Add upload document on account statement
NEW: Add widgets for BOMs and MOs.
NEW: Amount invoiced column in proposal list
NEW: Ask the new label and new dates in confirm popup when cloning tax
NEW: auto set closing date and user on invoice
NEW: Avoid wrap between picto and text on getNomUrl
NEW: Balance Stripe connect account for supplier
NEW: Bank Add an option for colorize background color of debit or credit movement
NEW: Beautify the select box of warehouses
NEW: Add birthday widget for members
NEW: Widgets uses fiscal year.
NEW: Can change supplier when cloning a Purchase Order.
NEW: can choose lines to keep while creating order from origin
NEW: Can crop/resize image attached on a bank record
NEW: Can edit date or RUM mandate.
NEW: Can edit link to the translation page in website module
NEW: Can edit the price of predefined product during adding in documents
NEW: Can enter price tax incl on vendor proposal and purchase orders
NEW: Can filter on description on bank account transaction lists.
NEW: Can filter on label on invoice in accounting vendor binding pages
NEW: Can load multilang translation in same step than fetch_lines
NEW: Can restrict access using DAV module to some host IPs only
NEW: Can restrict API usage to some IP only
NEW: Can select website templates from available default templates with a preview.
NEW: Can set a squarred icon on your company setup
NEW: can specify hour start end for selectDate and step for minutes
NEW: Categories/Tags are also available on warehouses
NEW: Check if a resource is in use in an event
NEW: Compute column value from others columns in import module
NEW: Copy linked categories on product clone process.
NEW: Digitaria model for numbering accountancy thirdparty
NEW: Display membership in takepos if member linked to the thirdparty
NEW: Display supplier in objectline if defined
NEW: Add default duration of subscriptions on members type
NEW: Email template for Takepos (to send invoice)
NEW: Expense request and holiday validator fields
NEW: Export ledger table in Charlemagne format
NEW: Extend option ORDER_ADD_ORDERS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC for all virtual product stats (renamed into PRODUCT_STATS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC)
NEW: Value "None" to unbind an invoice line and its accounting account is more visible
NEW: FCKeditor setup for tickets
NEW: The default theme of TakePOS work better on smartphones.
NEW: GeoIP v2 support is natively provided -> So IPv6 is supported
NEW: List by closing date on order list and proposal list
NEW: Look and feel v11: Some setup pages are by default direclty in edit mode.
NEW: Management of retained warranty on situation invoices
NEW: Mass email action on invoice list use billing contact if exists
NEW: more living colors for charts and option for "color bind" people
NEW: Supports multiple payments in a TakePOS sale
NEW: multiselect with checkbox in categories/tags search for product list
NEW: Option to allow to create members from third-party
NEW: Platform compliance with Stripe Connect
NEW: print / send email form in TakePOS
NEW: Public holidays are now in a dictionary table (no more hard coded per country)
NEW: Better performance by reducing the $companystatic calls on some pages.
NEW: Replace the "info" tab on contract with the more complete "agenda" tab.
NEW: Save user of last modification in donation record.
NEW: Show html combo list instead input text for extrafields typed as list.
NEW: Show POS application and the terminal used on invoice card.
NEW: Add categories/tags for stocks.
NEW: Support Net Measure in product's card.php
NEW: Extrafields separator can be collapsed or not
NEW: Extrafields support on Leave requests.
NEW: Extrafields support on Salaries.
NEW: Extrafields support in Product supplier prices.
NEW: Add extrafields for warehouses
NEW: Add extrafields in export of expense report (and holiday)
NEW: The integrity checker now show also the expected size of files.
NEW: The order method in purchase order is now mandatory when recording an order.
NEW: update / delete stripe account for supplier
NEW: Use the gender of member for picto in member lists.
NEW: Use the squarre logo as favicon of pages
NEW: VAT list - Add date start & date end in filters
NEW: widget box for supplier orders awaiting reception
NEW: Update translations
NEW: #4301

For Developers or integrators:

NEW: Compatible with PHP 7.4
NEW: Code for extrafields uses the new array $extrafields->attributes
NEW: Can set a filter on object linked in modulebuilder.
NEW: Can defined a position of numbering submodules for thirdparties
NEW: Add option multiselect for developers on the selector of language.
NEW: Add a manifest.json.php file for web app.
NEW: Support of deployement of metapackages
NEW: Removed deprecated code that create linked object from ->origin
NEW: experimental zapier for dolibarr
NEW: Accountancy - Add hook bookkeepinglist on general ledger
NEW: Can update product type with the update method.
NEW: add API shipment mode dictionnary
NEW: Add API to get Country by code and iso
NEW: Add API to get objects by ref, ref_ext, ...
NEW: Add anonymous telemetry
NEW: Add a category to a contact in API
NEW: Add fk projet on stock movement
NEW: Add hidden option to set fields for the quick search on products.
NEW: add hook on commongeneratedocument
NEW: Add hook on fileupload.class.php to enable modules to override…
NEW: Add hooks on index pages
NEW: adding 'formObjectOptions' hooks loading at card.php of adherents module
NEW: Add method getStructuredData for website
NEW: Add payments GET and POST REST API endpoints for supplierinvoices.
NEW: Add POST /bankaccounts/transfer REST API endpoint.
NEW: add "printBucktrackInfo" hook, an external module can add info
NEW: Add trigger DIRECT_DEBIT_ORDER_CREATE on widthdraw is missing
NEW: API to post documents for "product" and Delete document
NEW: add new function "setEntity()" and better compatibility with Multicompany
NEW: Can add a button "Create" after combo of object with modulebuilder.
NEW: contacts type dictionnary in api_setup.class.php
NEW: Look and feel v11: Introduce CSS "trforbreak"
NEW: list of measuring units API
NEW: get social networks dictionary by API
NEW: Get thirdparty's salesrepresentatives by API
NEW: get user connected informations in REST API
NEW: mode for list thirdparty API (add easy filter for supplier only)
NEW: purchase_prices API
NEW: Provides more complete demo data
NEW: Module builder can generate CSS of JS file.
NEW: Use a dedicated css for the pencil to edit a field.
NEW: multilangs in fetch_lines
NEW: Add more complete info for triggers actioncom
NEW: add multicurrency rate at currency list API
NEW: Add 2 hidden options to set the default sorting (sort and order) on document page.
NEW: Add hidden option to update supplier buying price during receptions.
NEW: Add hidden option PROPOSAL_SHOW_INVOICED_AMOUNT (not reliable if one invoice is done on several order or several proposal)
NEW: Add hidden option SUPPLIER_ORDER_CAN_UPDATE_BUYINGPRICE_DURING_RECEIPT for add possibility to update supplier buying price in the reception on a supplier order
NEW: Add hidden option THIRDPARTY_PROPAGATE_EXTRAFIELDS_TO_ORDER to copy extrafields from third party to order.
NEW: Add hidden options to send by email even for object with draft status.
NEW: Update jquery library to 3.4.1
NEW: Upgrade ACE editor to v1.4.6


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* Properties ->libelle_incoterms were renamed into ->label_incoterms
* Removed the method liste_array() of project class. It was not used by core code.
* The function show_theme() hase been renamed into showSkins()
* Rename 'module_part' parameter into 'modulepart' into document APIs, for consistency.
* The deprecated method get_OutstandingBill has been removed. You can use getOutstandingBills() instead.
* The hook "moreFamily" must return payment into var "totalpayment" and no more "paiement" (english replace french).
* Removed deprecated method actioncomm->add(), use create() instead
* If you have developed your own emailing target selector and used parent::add_to_target(...), you must now use parent::addToTargets(...)
* Removed function dol_micro_time. Use native PHP microtime instead.
* The constant INVOICE_SHOW_POS_IN_EXPORT has been renamed into INVOICE_SHOW_POS.
* If your logo is no more visible on the menu bar, you must upload a new logo into 'Home-Setup-Company/Organization' to have it visible again.
* All properties 'libstatut', 'labelstatut', 'labelstatus' were renamed into 'labelStatus'.
* All properties 'labelstatusshort' and 'labelstatut_short' were renamed into 'labelStatusShort'.
* All properties 'type_libelle' were renamed into 'type_label'.
* Renamed property of thirdparty "statut_commercial" into "status_prospect_label"
* The jquery plugin/dependency multiselect has been removed. It was not used by Dolibarr core.