Dolibarr 8.0 release ufficiale

Dolibarr 8.0.0 è disponibile al download al seguente link:

La versione 8.0 di Dolibarr è considerata una “Major Release” ed introduce alcune novità importanti sia per gli utilizzatori del sistema che per gli sviluppatori.

Ecco il changelog completo (in inglese):


***** English ChangeLog for 8.0.0 compared to 7.0.0 *****

For Users:
NEW: Experimental module: Ticket
NEW: Experimental module: WebDAV
NEW: Accept anonymous events (no user assigned)
NEW: Accountancy - Add import on general ledger
NEW: Accountancy - Show journal name on journal page and hide button draft export (Add an option in admin)
NEW: Can create event from record card of a company and member
NEW: Add a button to create Stripe customer from the Payment mode tab
NEW: Add accounting account number on product tooltip
NEW: add any predefined mail content
NEW: Add arrows to navigate into containers in website module
NEW: Add a tab to specify accountant/auditor of the company
NEW: Add Date delivery and Availability on Propals List
NEW: Add date in goods reception supplier order table
NEW: Add delivery_time_days of suppliers in export profile
NEW: Add Documents'tab to expedition module
NEW: Use dol_print_phone in thirdparty list page to format phone
NEW: Add entry for the GDPR contact
NEW: Add extrafield type "html"
NEW: Add file number in accountant card and update export filename
NEW: Add files management on products lot
NEW: add filter on project task list
NEW: Add hidden option COMPANY_AQUARIUM_CLEAN_REGEX to clean generated
NEW: add internal stripe payment page for invoice
NEW: Add key __USER_REMOTE_IP__ into available substitution variables
NEW: Add link between credit note invoice and origin
NEW: Add linked file tab to vat
NEW: add link to stripe's info in bank menu
NEW: Add margin filters
NEW: Add mass action enable/disable on cron job list
NEW: Add mass action on project's list to close projects
NEW: Add method to register distributed payments on invoices
NEW: Add multicurrency support for product buy price for supplier propales, orders and invoices
NEW: Add name of day in the timesheet input page per day.
NEW: add new parameters for tcpf encryption
NEW: add optional esign field in pdf propal
NEW: Add param $dolibarr_main_restrict_ip in config file to limit ips
NEW: add pdf function to check if pdf file is protected/encrypted
NEW: Add pdf template for stock/warehouse module
NEW: Add phone format for a lot of countries
NEW: Add product and product categories filters on customer margins
NEW: Add product categories filter on product margin
NEW: Add romanian chart of accounts
NEW: Add stats in salaries module
NEW: add stripe transaction
NEW: Add tab contact on supplier proposals
NEW: Add total of time spent in timespent page at top of page too.
NEW: Add triggers on ECM object and add fill src_object_type/id fields
NEW: Add type of website container/page into dictionary
NEW: advance target filtering can be used everywhere with tpl and fk_element
NEW: Allow negative quantity for dispatch (supplier order)
NEW: bank reconcile: checkbox to select all bank operations
NEW: Better performance with openldap
NEW: Can add filter actiontype and notactiontype on event ical export
NEW: Can add product in supplier order/invoice even w/o predefined price
NEW: cancel orders on massaction
NEW: Can crop image files attached in "document" tabs of a member
NEW: Can delete dir content in media and ECM module recursively
NEW: Can dispatch if more than ordered (if hidden option set)
NEW: Can edit the text color for title line of tables
NEW: Can enter time spent from the list of time spent of project
NEW: Can export leave requests
NEW: Can filter on account range in general ledger grouped by account
NEW: Can filter on country and taxid into the binding page
NEW: Can filter on progression in timesheet
NEW: Can fix the bank account of a payment if payment not conciliated
NEW: Can force usage of shared link for photo of products
NEW: Can get template of email from its label
NEW: Can see Unit Purchase Value of product in stock movement
NEW: Can select from the user list into send form email (For field to and CC)
NEW: Can select sample to use when creating a new page
NEW: can send mail from project card
NEW: Can set position of images in module tickets
NEW: Can set the reply-to into email sent
NEW: Can set the start/end date of service line in invoice templates
NEW: Can share any file from the "Document" tab.
NEW: Can sort on priority in task scheduler list
NEW: Can sort order of files in attach tab for leave and expensereport
NEW: Can use setValueFrom without user modification field
NEW: Cat set the encryption algorithm for extrafields of type password
NEW: check idprof1 for country pt
NEW: default add action: new param $backurlforcard to redirect to card
NEW: default warehouse field for products + prefill warehouses when dispatching supplier orders
NEW: Display price HT on all commercial area boards
NEW: display total on contract service list
NEW: display weight volume in proposal
NEW: Edit of extrafields position page on the edit form
NEW: Experimental DAV module provides a public and private directory
NEW: export filter models can be share or not by user
NEW: Externalsite module can accept iframe content.
NEW: Filter export model is now by user
NEW: generalize use of button to create new element from list
NEW: hidden conf AGENDA_NB_WEEKS_IN_VIEW_PER_USER to set nb weeks to show into per user view
NEW: hidden conf to assign category to thirparty that are neither customer nor prospect or supplier
NEW: hidden conf to set nb weeks to show into user view
NEW: improve way of adding users/sales representative to thirdparty
NEW: Introduce option THIRDPARTY_QUICKSEARCH_ON_FIELDS to personalize fields use to search on quick search.
NEW: Introduce permission "approve" for "leave request" like for "expense report"
NEW: Load product data optional fields to the line -> enables to use "line_options_{extrafield}"
NEW: Look and feel v8 - Show Picto "+" on all links "Add record"
NEW: Look and feel v8: Use a different picto for delete and unlink
NEW: mail templates for projects
NEW: Module variant supported on services
NEW: monthly VAT report show "Claimed for the period" + "Paid during this
NEW: Mutualize code for action="update_extras"
NEW: On invoice card, show accounting account linked
NEW: Online payment of invoice and subscription record the payment
NEW: OnSearchAndListGoOnCustomerOrSupplierCard conf
NEW: Optimize load of hooks classes (save 1-5Kb of memory)
NEW: Option to force all emails recipient
NEW: Hidden option to send to salaries into emails forms
NEW: order minimum amount
NEW: add price in burger menu on mouvement list
NEW: Report a list of leave requests for a month
NEW: Section of files generated by mass action not visible if empty
NEW: send mails from project card
NEW: Show also size in bytes in tooltip if visible unit is not bytes
NEW: Show keyboard shortcut of nav arrow into tooltip
NEW: Show last result code of cron jobs in error in red
NEW: Show region in company info & Global option to show state code MAIN_SHOW_STATE_CODE
NEW: Show total number of records by category
NEW: Show total of time consumed in week in time spent entry page
NEW: Stripe online payments reuse the same stripe customer account
NEW: Suggest link to pay online for customer orders
NEW: supplier credit notes is now supported like for customer credit notes
NEW: supplier order/order lines export: add supplier product ref
NEW: supplier relative discounts
NEW: Support alternative aliases of page name in website
NEW: syslog file autoclean
NEW: thirdparty categ filter on lists
NEW: Use a css style for weekend in time spent
NEW: Use common substitution rule for language to get translation in ODT
NEW: Variable __ONLINE_PAYMENT_URL__ available in email templates

For developers:
NEW: class reposition can also work on POST (not only GET)
NEW: add a hook in dol_print_phone
NEW: The field "visible" on extrafield can accept expression as condition
NEW: Upgrade of Stripe lib to 6.4.1
NEW: work on CommonObject 'array' field typeNew common object array
NEW: method Form::selectArrayFilter() + use in left menu search
NEW: [REST API] Add the possibility to remove a category from a thirdparty
NEW: doActions on categorycard
NEW: add "moreHtmlRef" hook
NEW: add hook for more permissions control
NEW: add hook moreHtmlStatus to complete to status on banners
NEW: Add hook printEmail
NEW: Add hook setContentSecurityPolicy
NEW: Add password_hash as a hash algorithm
NEW: Add dol_is_link function
NEW: Adds a contact to an invoice with REST API
NEW: Adds a payment for the list of invoices given as parameter
NEW: adds billing contacts ids to REST API returns
NEW: Add showempty parameter in country selection
NEW: add printUserListWhere hook
NEW: add "printUserPasswordField" hooks
NEW: Call to trigger on payment social contribution creation
NEW: Call to trigger on social contribution creation
NEW: hook getnomurltooltip is replaced with hook getNomUrl more powerfull


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* Remove old deprecated hook 'insertExtraFields'. Triggers must be used for action on CRUD events.
* Hook 'maildao' was renamed into 'mail' into the method sendfile that send emails, and method was renamed from
  'doaction' into 'sendMail'. 
* Remove triggers *_CLONE. The trigger CREATE with context 'createfromclone' is already called so this is 
  a duplicated feature. Cloning is not a business event, the business event is CREATE, so no trigger required.
* PHP 5.3 is no more supported. Minimum PHP is now 5.4+
* Remove the old deprecated code of doActions and getInstanceDao in canvas. The doActions of standard hooks are
  already available and are better.
* Removed method fetch_prods() and get_each_prod() not used, keep only get_arbo_each_prod() that is better.
* The hook contaxt commcard has been renamed thirdpartycomm
* The hook contaxt thirdpartycard has been renamed thirdpartycontact
* Remove method Categorie:get_nb_categories() that was not used.
* Hook getnomurltooltip provide a duplicate feature compared to hook getNomUrl so all hooks getnomurltooltip 
are now replaced with hook getNomUrl.