Dolibarr 5.0 rilasciato ufficialmente

Dolibarr 5.0.0 è disponibile al download al seguente link:

La versione 5.0 di Dolibarr è considerata una “Major Release” ed introduce importanti novità sia per gli utilizzatori del sistema che per gli sviluppatori. Tra le nuove funzionalità introdotte ricordiamo:

  • Modulo Multivaluta
  • Modulo contabilità in partita doppia
  • Ecco il changelog completo (in inglese):

    ***** ChangeLog for 5.0.0 compared to 4.0.* *****
    For users:
    NEW: Add module multicurrency.
    NEW: Add module accoutancy expert (double party accountancy).
    NEW: Better responsive design, above all on smartphone.
    NEW: #5801 More complete change to allow to disable supplier invoice document generation.
    NEW: #5830 Can choose a generic email or use remail in the mail from field.
    NEW: #5896 More complete data on event sent by email (name in title, emails list in details)
    NEW: Add a better icon to show when “run” in cron jobs is disabled.
    NEW: Add account statement into fields of bank account transaction list.
    NEW: Add a direct debit mandate PDF template.
    NEW: add clone contract feature.
    NEW: Add color regarding stock even on ajax autocompleter product selector.
    NEW: Add date into list of print jobs for Google Print.
    NEW: add field and filters on turnover by third party report.
    NEW: Add last activation date as info in module list.
    NEW: add option to limit stock product by warehouse.
    NEW: Add missing unique key on table llx_links.
    NEW: Add option “Hide images in Top menu”.
    NEW: Add option PROJECT_LINES_PERWEEK_SHOW_THIRDPARTY to show thirdparty on page to submit time.
    NEW: Add option “Stock can be negative”. Off by default.
    NEW: Add hidden option to include parent products too in stats of orders (not supported in rest of app yet).
    NEW: Add Panama datas.
    NEW: Add ressource extrafields.
    NEW: add restrictions on standard exports (agenda, order, deplacement, facture, fournisseur, societe, propal, expedition)
    NEW: Add substitution keys __SHIPPINGTRACKNUM__, __SHIPPINGTRACKNUMURL__ into shipping email template.
    NEW: Add status Done on interventions.
    NEW: Add system tool “Files integrity checker” to detect modified files for packaged versions.
    NEW: Add tooltip in payment term edition in dictionnary.
    NEW: Add type “url” as possible extrafield.
    NEW: Add workflow to calculated supplier order status on stock dispatch.
    NEW: Add workflow to classifed propal bill on invoice validation.
    NEW: allow to save a parent warehouse.
    NEW: Better filtering of automatic/manually inserted events.
    NEW: Bill orders from order list.
    NEW: Can add event from the card listing events.
    NEW: Can change thirdparty when cloning a project.
    NEW: Can create expense report for someone else (advanced permission).
    NEW: Can clone an expense report.
    NEW: Can edit a label for each price segment when using several segment prices for products.
    NEW: Can filter on fields on admin translation page.
    NEW: Can filter on project/task ref/label on the “new time consumed” page.
    NEW: Can filter on status on objects on the “statistics” pages.
    NEW: Can filter on type of leave requests in list.
    NEW: Can generate SEPA mandate for each bank account of your customers.
    NEW: Can see/make bank conciliation from bank transaction list.
    NEW: Can edit RUM number of a customer bank account.
    NEW: Can link template invoice to other objects. Generated invoices will be linked to same objects (example: contracts).
    NEW: Can renamed attached files on some documents tabs (like products and expense reports).
    NEW: Can see/edit the customer ref of a shipment.
    NEW: Can select fields/extrafields on contract list + Mass delete action.
    NEW: Can select fields on expense report list. Can make mass delete.
    NEW: Can select fields to show on list of bank transaction.
    NEW: Can set to paid automatically social or fiscal taxes after a payment was recorded.
    NEW: Can sort on status of recurring invoice in list of template invoices.
    NEW: Can use native php and dolibarr object on pages of module website.
    NEW: Checkbox ‘close order to “Everything received” automatically if all products are received’ is visible on supplier orders.
    NEW: conf to allow payments on different thirdparties bills but same parent company.
    NEW: Consumption view on thirdparty total line and total HT by element.
    NEW: Display bookkeeping by accounting account – Bookkeeping ordered by accounting account – Link with customers and suppliers invoices – Sub Total by accounting account – Ability to display more than 25 lines and filter by customer/supplier, invoice and accounting account
    NEW: Each user can select its landing page (on tab “user display setup”).
    NEW: Editing translation GUI become easier with tool to search existing translation.
    NEW: Error code of each email sent is visible in list of email targets
    NEW: Export thirdparty with payment terms and mode.
    NEW: filter actiontype on thirdparty tab.
    NEW: filter by supplier and fk_warehouse on replenishment page.
    NEW: Filters can accept generic search key like __DAY__, __MONTH__, __YEAR__ replaced with current day, month year before making the search.
    NEW: Function “crop” images available on project, product and holiday attachment tab.
    NEW: function to display full path to current warehouse.
    NEW: Generation of document is available on member card.
    NEW: Introduce mass action “delete” on sales orders.
    NEW: Introduce option MAIN_DEFAULT_PAYMENT_TERM_ID to set default payment term on company level.
    NEW: Link between objects can be done on both side and on all objects.
    NEW: More filter on bank transaction list.
    NEW: Mutualize mass action. So “Send by email” is also available on orders.
    NEW: New set of icon for status easier to understand.
    NEW: option “Current/Next” for limit payment date (in payment term dictionary setup) to use a specific day of current month or jump to same day of next month.
    NEW: Option DOC_SHOW_FIRST_SALES_REP shows name of “user buyer or saler” on PDF.
    NEW: Option MAIN_INFO_SOCIETE_MAIL_ALIASES to be able to use several identities into the “email from”.
    NEW: Pagination available on list of users.
    NEW: Phone formatting for Canada. Add dol_print_phone into phpunit tests.
    NEW: Reduce nb of picto visible after reference of an object into lists, merging preview and download.
    NEW: Reduce space lost on EDM module.
    NEW: Reopen a paid bill is a user advanced permission.
    NEW: can set a default bank account on thirdparty card.
    NEW: Show photo of contacts on thirdparty card.
    NEW: Show subtotal into list of linked elements.
    NEW: Show total line (planned workload and time spent) on list of tasks.
    NEW: Start to introduce search filters on dictionnaries for vat list.
    NEW: Support extrafields for expense reports.
    NEW: Support extrafields on product lot.
    NEW: Support free bottom text and watermark on expense report template.
    NEW: Support mass actions for proposals
    NEW: Table with list of lots/serial can be viewed (module product batch).
    NEW: The autofill zip/town table option is on by default.
    NEW: the count of linked files on card includes external links.
    NEW: Usage of vat code seems ok everywhere.
    NEW: User date of employment added.
    NEW: Use small photo of user on all user links.
    NEW: Use new archi to select fields into list of time spent.
    NEW: Available substitution key (__INVOICE_MONTH__, __INVOICE_PREVIOUS_MONTH__, …) to use into note text of recurring invoices.

    For developers:
    NEW: Add ORDER_MODIFY trigger on each order modification.
    NEW: Trigger on delete stock
    NEW: The getURLContent return more information on success and error.
    NEW: Uniformize code and correct deal with triggers
    NEW: REST API explorer. Can create invoice and orders with lines.
    NEW: Add a lot of API REST: expense reports, orders, commercial proposals, projects, agenda events, users, invoices, …
    NEW: Default collation for mysql is now utf8_unicode_ci
    NEW: Can use any filter on all REST API to list.
    NEW: ckeditor accept a parameter to disable all html filtering.
    NEW: Complete table llx_ecm_files with field generated_or_uploaded
    NEW: Enhance function setValueFrom so we can use it for “edit in form” feature.
    NEW: getNomUrl displays full path to warehouse
    NEW: Hook formObjectOptions
    NEW: hook in element overview
    NEW: Hook on stock product card
    NEW: param socid find_min_price_product_fournisseur() function
    NEW: More phpunit tests

    Dolibarr 5.0 was frozen before PHP 7.1 was released. Unit tests are successful on PHP 7.1 but we don’t have enough feedback to confirm all application is compatible. Current officiel supported PHP versions are PHP 5.3 to 7.0.