Dolibarr 5.0.4 rilasciato ufficialmente

Dolibarr 5.0.4, la quarta “maintenance release” per il ramo 5.0 è disponibile al download.

Come tutte le “Maintenance releases” di Dolibarr ERP&CRM, la versione 5.0.4 contiene solamente bug fix della versione precedente e non introduce nessuna nuova funzionalità. Consigliamo a tutti gli utilizzatori di aggiornare il proprio Dolibarr ERP&CRM alla versione ultima 5.0.4.

Vai al download dell’ultima versione disponibile.

Visualizza di seguito il changelog completo di tutto il ramo 5.0.

***** ChangeLog for 5.0.4 compared to 5.0.3 *****

FIX: #5640 Prices of a predefined product/service were incorrect under certain circumstances

FIX: #6541 since 4.0.4 to 5.0.0 autofill zip/town not working

FIX: #6880 #6925

FIX: #6885

FIX: #6926

FIX: #7003

FIX: #7012

FIX: #7040

FIX: #7048 #6075

FIX: Can set supplier invoice to billed.

FIX: Can’t create invoice if PO disapproved

FIX: contratligne update

FIX: CVE-2017-7886

FIX: default param

FIX: Line of invoices not inserted when using POS module and VAT NPR.

FIX: origin & originid on supplierproposal

FIX: Redirect to payment page from member subscription page failed if a unique security key was defined.

FIX: REST api to get project when user has permission to read all.

FIX: situation_progress param default value must be 100 and not 0

FIX: SQL injection on user/index.php parameter search_statut.

FIX: vat code not saved during product creation.

FIX: Warnings

***** ChangeLog for 5.0.3 compared to 5.0.2 *****

FIX: #6677 Expired contracts dashboard box does not show the name of the thirdparty

FIX: #6813

FIX: 6863

FIX: #6877

FIX: #6881

FIX: Better sanitizing of search all parameter.

FIX: Correction with author and validator user on orders

FIX: dialog window with md theme must not be hidden by left menu part.

FIX: doactions hook missing in invoice model page

FIX: Fullname when member is a moral entity with no name.

FIX: Link to files on bank account tab broken with multicompany FIX: Link to preview on thirdparty broken with multicompany

FIX: New vat code not correctly implemented if “1 price per customer”.

FIX: Pagination of invoices

FIX: pagination on resources

FIX: REST API not possible to add agendaevents

FIX: situation invoice broken due to the all percent application form inside addline form

FIX: SQL injection on user/index.php parameter search_statut.


***** ChangeLog for 5.0.2 compared to 5.0.1 *****

FIX: #6468 + Fix missing translation

FIX: #6517 #6525 Autocompletion of thirdparty after n chars not implemented

FIX: #6613 Default subject for Supplier proposal emails is filled with a non-existing key

FIX: #6614

FIX: #6619 Template invoices list do not respect restricted thirdparty user rights

FIX: #6621 Documents tab shows greyed out upload form even if the option to show actions not available is disabled

FIX: #6623 User card shows “Return to list” link even if the user has no rights to list users

FIX: #6636 Complete fix

FIX: #6669 User with no permission to edit customer invoices can see a edit button in project entry

FIX: #6671 Cannot remove thirdparty type with “#” in its name

FIX: #6673 Missing “nature” table header in thirdparty list

FIX: #6675 Restricted user with no agenda permissions can see a button to create appointment in thirdparty contact list

FIX: #6679 User with restricted supplier invoice permissions can edit project, payment conditions, payment mode

FIX: #6680 User with restricted supplier invoice permissions sees “reopen” button even if he has no permission to do it

FIX: #6718 Bug: Discount amount is not locally formatted in CommonObject View

FIX: #6767 serious critical error, no login possible with postgresql and ipv6.

FIX: #6795 #6796

FIX: Add option MAIN_MAIL_USE_MULTI_PART to include text content into HTML email and add option MAIN_MAIL_ADD_INLINE_IMAGES_IF_IN_MEDIAS to restore the inline images feature.

FIX: ajax autocomplete on clone

FIX: A non admin user can not download files attached to user.

FIX: Can’t download delivery receipts (function dol_check_secure_access_document)

FIX: complete hourly rate when not defined into table of time spent

FIX: dont get empty “Incoterms : – ” string if no incoterm

FIX: dont lose supplier ref if no supplier price in database

FIX: Enter a direct bank transaction

FIX: extrafield css for boolean type

FIX: forgotten parameter for right multicompany use

FIX: Found duplicate line when it is not.

FIX: global $dateSelector isn’t the good one, then date selector on objectline_create tpl was hidden

FIX: Journal code of bank must be visible of accountaing module on.

FIX: length_accounta return variable name

FIX: limit+1 dosn’t show Total line

FIX: No filter on company when showing the link to elements.

FIX: overwrapping of weight/volume on rouget template

FIX: Several bugs in accounting module.

FIX: shared bank account with multicompany not visible in invoice setup

FIX: spaces not allowed into vat code

FIX: supplier default condition not retrieved on create

FIX: supplier order line were always created with rang = 0

***** ChangeLog for 5.0.1 compared to 5.0.0 *****

FIX: #6503: SQL error in “Last pending payment invoices”

FIX: #6505 Project elements page shows greyed-out links even if the option to show actions not available is disabled

FIX: #6507: Statistics counter show wrong total Contract numbers when the user does not have full access

FIX: #6533 #6590

FIX: #6535

FIX: bank account not visible on payment card

FIX: colspan

FIX: Data lost during merge of thirdparties

FIX: Detection of color brightness

FIX: Filter on date lost after submit on time spent page

FIX: forgottent fk_unit field on llx_supplier_propaldet

FIX: list of projects

FIX: LOG_ERROR does not exists. Use LOG_ERR.

FIX: Missing total on project overview.

FIX: multicurrency management on supplier order/invoice

FIX: Notification sending was broken.

FIX: origin & origin id on supplier order line

FIX: param php doc

FIX: Picto of project on dol_banner and box

FIX: Some errors when downloading files.